What GUARDIAN does
We build and manage computer networks, help you communicate and manage your information, provide the tools that help you create things and we are the ones who protect you from what others create.

Where and when GUARDIAN does it
Anywhere. Anytime. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Locally. Remotely. Whatever you need. Wherever you need it. And there's no overtime here because every day has the same 24 hours. Older clocks have to go around twice just to keep up with us.

What's so special about GUARDIAN
We're easy to get along with and easy to understand. We can tell you what you need to know before you have to buy anything. And we can tell you what's real and what's hype because not every innovation lives up to its promises or justifies its cost.

Just call GUARDIAN. We don't waste time teasing you into meeting with us because there are no salesmen here. Just business and technical people. And it doesn't cost a nickel to discuss real things because relationships are everything.

The GUARDIAN solution
If you have a problem, describe it and we'll tell you what to do about it. No charge for the initial consultation.

But if you want us to take ownership of ALL your problems

You just became our favorite people and we make all your problems go away for a reasonable monthly charge, while automatically providing up-to-date security, antivirus protection, new technology info and the answers to all your questions. It's an unprecedented, bumper-to-bumper solution, regardless of what ails you...